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2020 March SHB MBE Japan Training Program Report

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2020 March SHB MBE Japan Training Program Report

2020 March SHB MBE(Master of Business and Engineering) Japan Training Program of Steinbeis University was held at Kanagawa Science Park from March 4 to March 13. KSP Inc. supported this program.

The Steinbeis University is a private, state-recognized university founded in 1998 in Berlin.
The training program is for students of Steinbeis University in order to study business management and marketing in Japan.

This time more than 30 German students in master course participated in this training program. And about 20 Japanese students of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Yokohama National University and Meisei University, and some Japanese company employees joined too.

The most important task was to attack and to try solving business issues provided by Japanese Companies in addition to learn Japanese culture, tradition and way of business.

The students presented their results at the final day, and defended themselves against many questions and comments from teachers and professors.

The training was held for 10 days by staying at Hotel KSP. The final ceremony held at Hotel KSP was a lively event that symbolized Japan-German exchanges. With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the German team came to Japan and was able to finish the training without leaving any sick people.

KSP Inc. supported the implementation of the training from the preparation stage.


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