International Symposium of Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the founding of KSP, Inc.

Please by all means, come to KSP.


There has been a time change.(May 21st 2017)

◆Theme International Symposium of
Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the founding of KSP, Inc.
◆Aim of the  Symposium At the 30th anniversary of the founding of KSP, Inc., we review our business activities so far. And we will discuss the development of the future business activities and how to cooperation to be advanced of STPs with comparing and studying the projects implemented by domestic and overseas STPs activities.
◆Date 22 – 23, March 2017
◆Venue Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) West Building 3F “KSP Hall” “Gallery”
(Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan)
◆Program 【The 1st day (Wednesday, 22 March)】

13:30 Opening
13:35 Keynote Speech “Looking back on the 30 years of KSP”
14:051st Session “Current status and issues of STPs”
16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 2nd Session “Human resource development (Business School etc.)”
17:30 Break
18:00 Reception

【The 2nd day (Thursday, March 23)】

10:00 3rd Session “Fund raising (Loans, Investments, Subsidies, etc.)”
11:15 4th Session “Expansion of Business Opportunities (Business Matching,Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration, etc.)”
12:35 Lunch
13:30 5th Session “International collaboration (ASPA etc.)”
15:00 coffee Break
15:15 Wrap up Session
16:30 Closing

◆Seating   Capacity 80 seats
◆Fee Free of charge
In “Gallery”, we will display panels of our company’s history and business outline etc.
※ We will also exhibit panels of other participating institutions, if they request.

* Science research parks in and outside of Japan that participate in the symposium are decided.
Kyoto Research Park
Sagamihara Incubation Center
Tsukuba Center, Inc.(TCI)
Hong Kong Science and Technology Park
Gyeongbuk Technopark
The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
ASPA (Asian Science Park Association)

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Applications are also accepted by FAX (+81-44-819-2009) or E-mail (

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1st keynote report 1st session 2nd session exchange party
2nd 3rd session 4th session 5th session Wrap up session

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