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KSP, Inc. Evolving as a Global Business Incubator

KSP, Inc. was established in December 1986 as the core entity of the Kanagawa Science Park, a project designed to realize the “Brain Center Framework” policy of Kanagawa Prefecture and the aim of Kawasaki City to become a mecca for science, technology, and research and development in Japan and Asia. Before completion of the Kanagawa Science Park, KSP, Inc., initiated business incubation in October 1987. As a front runner in this business, KSP, Inc. has been involved in the start-up of over 300 businesses.
Over the long term, KSP, Inc. has established a support system for venture business based on know how accumulated through both successful and failed enterprises. From 1997, KSP, Inc. started a venture capital business to enhance its role as an incubator in accordance with trends in the field of venture business. Investing in the stock of venture companies is not still undertaken by other incubators in Japan today.
Based on the original concept of KSP, I am eager to create a “New KSP”. Specifically, KSP, Inc. will become a global platform for R&D companies in Asia by 1) establishing a model for the creation and support of new ventures, 2) strengthening support for Japanese start-ups entering overseas market, and 3) promoting exchange between overseas venture companies and Japanese companies.
Expectations for the “New KSP” are high, as we expand globally while making the most of our local plentiful resources in the Kawasaki, Kanagawa area.

Company Profile(as of April 3, 2018)


KSP, Inc.


December 19,1986


4.5 billion yen

Public sector : 34.2%
Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Development Bank of Japan Inc.
Private sector : 65.8%
TOBISHIMA Corporation, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company, Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., Tokyu Corporation,Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd., Mitsui Life Insurance Company Limited, The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd., etc.
(total of 46 companies)

President and CEO
Dr. Hirohisa Uchida
Executive Director
Mr. Kiyosaku Ebina, Mr. Hiroharu Imai
Mr. Kazuhiko Tamai (Kawasaki City), Mr. Toshihiro Murai (TOBISHIMA Corporation), Mr. Yoshihiro Takahashi (Nippon Life Insurance), Mr. Hisashi Watanabe (Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance), Mr. Masao Kunishige (KISTEC), Mr. Satoshi Tanaka (Micros Software), Mr. Kenshi Yoshida (KSP Heat Supply Auditors), Mr. Kazuo Nakamura, Mr. Toshiya Kubota (Bank of Yokohama), Ms. Takao Hattori (Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance)
Business Operations 

Supporting start-up businesses, fostering entrepreneurship, supporting early and mid-stage companies and networking