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Business Clients and Partners

We constantly provide hands-on support more than 100 R&D start-up companies through various shapes, Business Matching service, KSP Venture Investment Fund and Rental Office service.

Supporting companies occupying KSP, KSP-Think, KSP Biotech Lab

Facility room number Company name Industry Main Product
KSP NEO-S1 AI Incubation Co., Ltd. IT Outsourcer of personal data service development
KSP NEO-S3 CODE Meee Inc. Bio/Medical/Life science Developing and marketing aroma product
KSP NEO-S4 Pinpoint Photonics, Inc. Bio/Medical/Life science Camera with Laser emitter for bio industry
KSP NEO-S6 Starsphere K.K. Bio/Medical/Life science Coud based EDC system for clinical study
KSP NEO-S7 Axia Memory Technology Electronics/Equipment NAND flash memory
KSP 300C West Wing 株式会社ユーディー Other Diatomaceous earth
KSP 300K West Wing RF Chips Technology, Inc. Electronics/Equipment Design RF IC
KSP 303 West Wing TOME R&D Inc. IT Software Outsourcer of, Staffing
KSP 312 West Wing Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. IT Community currency system based on Block chain
KSP 408A West Wing 株式会社アイエスネットワーク IT Customer management system for insurance dealer
KSP 611 West Wing Optopia, Co., Ltd. Electronics/Equipment Laser equipment
KSP 712A West Wing Dragon Touch Systems Inc. IT Dealer of Video editing tool
KSP 712B West Wing A-LIFE CO.,LTD. Bio/Medical/Life Science Functional food for pregnancy
KSP 713B West Wing IDEAAI CO. Electronics/Equipment Inspection service with image processing and AI technology
KSP 714A West Wing Ryugakujp Inc. IT Web site design and operation
KSP 714B West Wing 株式会社グローバルセキュリティ IT IT security products
KSP 204 East Wing Prosonic Co.,Ltd. Electronics/Equipment Ultrasonic tool for brittle material
KSP 205 East Wing Aroma Bit, Inc. Electronics/Equipment Odor imaging sensor
KSP 207 East Wing Mira, Inc. Electronics/Equipment Outsourcer of IoT device development
KSP 208 East Wing Mira Robotics株式会社 Electronics/Equipment Service robot
KSP 210 East Wing イノベーションサイエンス株式会社 Electronics/Equipment Dealer of Hiden Analytical
KSP 212 East Wing Ambrosia K.K. Bio/Medical/Life Science Allergy test kit
KSP 313 East Wing 株式会社LIKE TODO JAPAN製薬 Bio/Medical/Life Science Essence of fermenting lactic bacteria
KSP 506 East Wing Chitose Laboratory Corp. Bio/Medical/Life Science Outsourcer of bio-product development
KSP 508 East Wing イーケムソリューションズジャパン株式会社 Material Developing photosensitive materials for display panel
KSP 510 East Wing MAXIMUM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Electronics/Equipment Ceramic positive temperature coefficient
KSP 6F East Wing I-BIT Co., Ltd. Electronics/Equipment X-ray spectrometer for IC package
KSP 604 East Wing 株式会社セラバイオファーマ Bio/Medical/Life Science Anti-cancer drug of curcumin conjugate
KSP 606 East Wing KMC Co.,Ltd. IT Production management solution
KSP 611 East Wing アップコン株式会社 Other Minimizing ground subsidence
KSP-Think G02 Wellintech Co.,Ltd. IT Monitoring software for FA
KSP-Think G03 株式会社ヘルスケアー口腔器材研究所 Bio/Medical/Life Science Material and Equipment for Oral Health Care
KSP-Think G04 リ・バース株式会社 Electronics/Equipment Data eraser
KSP-Think G05 TechSupport Management Inc. IT Dealer of process simulation software
KSP-Think R05 CATARISE CORPORATION Material Photocatalytic antibacterial paint
KSP-Think R06 Vino Science Japan. Bio/Medical/Life Science Lactic acid bacteria food
KSP-Think Y02 Spport Inc. Electronics/Equipment Machine Maintenance for JFE Group
KSP-Think Y03 PEDAL LTD. IT Bicycle rental
KSP-Think Y04 Validator K.K. Bio/Medical/Life Science Sterilization equipment
Biotech-Lab 202 株式会社バイオテック・ラボ Bio/Medical/Life Science Dealer of reagent, Rental Lab
Biotech-Lab 403 Agilis GTRI Japan株式会社 Bio/Medical/Life Science Gen therapy for Parkinson's disease
Biotech-Lab 406 DAI-DAN CO., LTD. Bio/Medical/Life Science Rental of cell culture equipment
Biotech-Lab 409 リコー川崎ライフイノベーションセンター Bio/Medical/Life Science 3D bio printing
Biotech-Lab 412 BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd. Bio/Medical/Life Science Cancer vaccine
Biotech-Lab 414 Gene Therapy Research Institution Co.,Ltd, Bio/Medical/Life Science Gen therapy for Parkinson's disease
Biotech-Lab 415 Knowledge Palette, Inc. Bio/Medical/Life Science Improving the quality of cells for regenerative medicine
Biotech-Lab 419 Metcela Inc. Bio/Medical/Life Science Cell medicine for Heart Failure
Biotech-Lab 420 Shimazu Science East Co. Bio/Medical/Life Science Dealer of Micromeritics
Biotech-Lab 424 Pharmacological Evaluation Institute of Japan (PEIJ), General Incorporated Association Bio/Medical/Life Science NPO related to cell medicine development and education
Biotech-Lab 426 OSAKA SANITARY CO., LTD. Bio/Medical/Life Science Liquid compounding equipment