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Business matching

A Variety of Matching Services for All Your Business Needs

With our rich network of key people both at home and abroad and based on wide-ranging collaboration, KSP, Inc. has carried out business matching between venture companies and large companies since 2002. We have held 30 forums to date, garnering the participation of 476 venture companies and 486 large companies, with a total of 3,200 participants. We have provided 1,550 opportunities for business negotiations. Through collaboration between technology-based venture companies and large companies, we support the smooth launch of new business, the acceleration of product development, and the enhancement of company competitiveness.

“Kyoso” (Co-Creation) Business Matching Forum

“Kyoso” (Co-Creation) Business Matching Forum

Our forums provide open opportunities for matching between venture companies with excellent technologies and large companies seeking new business ideas. Forums are held twice a year and are composed of presentation sessions by venture companies in the morning and individual meetings in the afternoon. Anyone may attend the presentation sessions.

Technology Scouting Service

Based on the needs of large companies, KSP scouts for new technologies in venture companies and universities. Keeping the name of large companies anonymous, we hold briefing sessions on the needs of large companies for support organizations, banks and universities at ten locations around the country Sendai,Tokyo,Kawasaki,Hamamatsu,Nagoya,Kyoto,Osaka,Hiroshima,Takamatsu,Tottori and Fukuoka). Through the network of the above-mentioned organizations, ideas for new technologies are discovered. By conducting technology assessment of these new ideas and arrangement of interviews with venture companies, we support accelerated research and development of products and improved product competitiveness.