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Business School

The KSP Business Innovation School :Fostering Entrepreneurs

At the core of the KSP Business Innovation School (BIS) curriculum is the creation of business plans. We work to develop entrepreneurship from the viewpoint of the importance of management activities.

Feature1 Programs and instructors based on real business

Our instructors are business people with understanding of real-world business.

Students master the necessary knowledge on management in a short period of time, then spend considerable time on the refinement of business plans. Numerous opportunities are provided for discussion among instructors and students on business plans. On occasion, there are opportunities for students to meet directly with CEOs of experienced companies and listen to their real-life stories. Through discussing real business, students sense the spirit and commitment that lies at the core of business practice.

Feature1 Programs and instructors based on real business

Feature2 Students refine their own business plans

Our member-only workshops are geared to companies aiming at new entry into growing markets. These monthly workshops are based on a specific topic, such as “health care” or “M2M”, and involve seminars on the business models of leading companies and classes for business people in charge of new ventures. We maintain a membership system, but participation as a guest is possible. One of the highlights of each workshop is the exchange reception that follows the seminar. Nearly all participants attend and engage in active mutual exchange.


Feature3 Backup system of KSP

KSP, Inc. has been involved in more than 300 start-ups since its establishment as the core organization for the Kanagawa Science Park, and as the first real incubator for high-tech ventures in 1987.

KSP Incubation Managers, who have been involved in various business stages of many companies, are assigned to each student to assist in the business plan making process.

Feature3 Backup system of KSP