Optimal Office and Laboratory Environment for R&D Activities

The KSP building, with its comfortable environment and superior security, offers office and laboratory space of various types. Our optimal space can be utilized in accordance with the size and the stage of expansion of your business. An incubation manager (IM) is assigned to provide individual support toward the growth of tenant companies.

Office / Laboratory

●Incubate Zone “NEO”
Name Dreaming Desk Starting Space Growing Room
Specification Work space Separate rooms Office-type Separate rooms Office-type
Total number of rooms available
3 booths 7 rooms
(Approx. 15m² each)
5 rooms
(Approx. 30m² each)
Lease fees
(excluding Tax)
¥20,000 /month ¥60,000 /month ¥150,000 /month
Security deposit No required 120,000 300,000
Duration of use 6months
(Max. 1year)
2 years
(Max. 3 years)
2 years
(Max. 4 years)
Type of contract Rights of use Fixed-term lease Fixed-term lease
●Start-up Rooms
Office-type Laboratory-type
Separate rooms Separate rooms
27 rooms
(Approx. 11 to 94m²)
34 rooms
( Approx. 75 to 153m²)
¥5,200 /m²/month
¥500,000 per span(75m²)
5 years
(Max. 8 years)
Temporary leases

Incubate Zone “NEO”

The door to the Incubate Zone is colored deep red. This color was selected because it represents the blazing energy of entrepreneurs and the expectation of rapid growth. This zone was renovated in November 2013.

Start-up Rooms

Laboratory space is equipped with water supply/waste water drainage and air supply/air exhaust facilities.
This flexible lab space can be expanded as your company grows and can also be used for offices.


Individuals or companies that fall under any of the following engaging in research and development activities and/or business involving new technologies and/or new products.(Restrictions apply for some industries and fields.)
① Individuals who are planning on starting a business
② Start-up companies (established within approximately the last 5 years,excluding large companies)
③ Small and medium enterprises that have launched new business in the last approximately 5 years
★ For more information on availability and moving in, please contact us.

Tenant screening

For tenants, document screening and interviews are required.