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The KSP Venture Investment Funds :Performance and Reliability

To grow and expand a business, funds are necessary. We have set up our investment funds as a support system that provides direct investment. Our funds have been invested in mainly high-technology ventures at their early stages where rapid growth is expected. We operate 4 funds (totalling 5.01 billion yen), and 10 companies have gone public to date.

As of October 2017,new formed the 5th fund.

KSP funds have a solid reputation and give an advantage to your company’s credibility.

Representatives of listed companies participate as advisoryboard members of Investment Committee in the stringent deliberations on investment decisions. We have been highly evaluated for our solid venture capital. Our investments also have a positive impact on the credit enhancement of venture companies.

The KSP Venture Investment Funds :Performance and Reliability

Overview of KSP Funds

Year of
Fund name Total
No. of companies
receiving investment
No. of publicly
traded companies
Return on
January 1997 KSP No1 Investment Limited Partnership 700 million yen 25(no longer operating) 4 442.9 %
March 2004 KSP No2 Investment Limited Partnership 610 million yen 26 1 196.7 %
July 2006 KSP No3 Investment Limited Partnership 2.4 billion yen 54(Investment Termination) 5 In operation
June 2014 KSP No4 Investment Limited Partnership 1.3 billion yen 28(4th term) 0 In operation
New fund launched in 2017
October 2017 KSP No5 Investment Limited Partnership 1 billion yen(hit the target) In operation

IPO performance

Published time Market Company
Contents of business
January 2003 TSE Section 1
(transferred from JASDAQ)
Techno Medica Co., Ltd. R&D, manufacturing, sales, imports and exports of analytical equipment for clinical tests and other medical devices
August 2004 Mothers Tokyo Stock Exchange SIOS Technology Inc. Development of Java and Linux-related products and creation of corporate information systems
March 2005 Centrex Nagoya Stock Exchange Effector Cell Institute Inc. Development of new drugs to treat cancer, allergies and other ailments, as well as the development and sales of devices for measuring cellular chemotaxis
March 2006 JASDAQ Tokyo Stock Exchange Media Global Links Co., Ltd. Development, production and sales of communications and broadcasting equipment
October 2011 JASDAQ Tokyo Stock Exchange SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited Development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for cancer, blood and autoimmune diseases
December 2011 Mothers Tokyo Stock Exchange W-SCOPE Corporation Manufacture and sales of secondary battery separator film
December 2011 Mothers Tokyo Stock Exchange CHIOME Bioscience Inc. Research and development and support of antibody drugs
June 2013 JASDAQ Tokyo Stock Exchange Reprocell Inc. Development of software and,company solution
August 2015 Mothers Tokyo Stock Exchange PCI Holdings, Inc. Sales of ES / iPS cells for research reagents
October 2015 Mothers Tokyo Stock Exchange GreenPeptide Co., Ltd.
(As of July 1, 2017, Changed the company name to “BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd.” )
Development of novel cancer immunotherapies

Screening Standards

  • Qualifications and backgrounds of management team
  • Novelty and innovativeness of technology and business model
  • Market scale, marketability and competition
  • Validity of the business plan
  • Validity of the capital policy

Investment Committee Members

  • President and CEO, KSP, Inc.
  • Technology experts from the Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology(KISTEC)
  • Advisory Board members (CEOs of venture companies that have gone public)