KSP Biotech Lab

KSP, Inc. is one of the front-runners in Japanese business incubation. Since being founded 30 years ago, the company has provided support for establishing and growing start-ups, an area in which it has achieved significant success, having assisted roughly 500 new ventures, of which 10 have gone on to make initial public offerings.

As the figure below shows, in recent years the focus of support and investment has shifted greatly from “machinery, equipment and machining” to “bio/healthcare” and “medical equipment,” and we have made supporting start-ups in advanced medical treatment fields, such as regenerative medicine and cell therapy a priority. At the newly opened KSP Biotech Lab in the Life Innovation Center (LIC), we support tenant companies with a proprietary start-up support system, built by ourselves and based on results and experience that stretch back 30 years to the founding of the company.

In addition, we work in partnership with Kanagawa Prefecture, offering a wide range of support activities to commercialize and industrialize at an early stage the results of research and development in the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Overview of KSP Biotech Lab (“B-Lab”)

KSP, Inc. has named the offices and laboratories on the 4th floor of the LIC, which it has set aside for start-up companies and such tackling regenerative medicine and cell therapy, the KSP Biotech Lab (“B-Lab”).

Our intention for the B-Lab is that it be used primarily by start-ups, and we have established a mixture of large and small laboratories and offices totaling 22, ranging from 19.93 m² to 497.55 m². Furthermore, for the greater convenience of the tenants, we have provided a shared meeting room that may be used by LIC tenants free of charge, and a lounge with a view of Haneda Airport.

The shared meeting room is intended to be used by tenant start-up companies for such purposes as shareholder meetings, exhibitions and seminars. The lounge is provided as a space to relax and enjoy the night views of Haneda Airport after the rigors of research and development, and also as a venue for networking and social get-togethers. We anticipate that new ideas and alliances will be born as a result of networking between tenants or between members of the Regenerative medicine & Cell therapy industrialization network of Kanagawa (RINK).

In addition, the Kanagawa Center for Clinical Research & Strategy (KCCR) and the Open Lab have also been sited within the B-Lab. As these can be used by anybody, we encourage people to use them to promote research and development in, and the commercialization of, regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Floor Map

Open Lab (Operated by: NOVEL SCIENCE Co., Ltd.)

B-Lab established an open laboratory to support the implementation and industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Expensive research equipment and highly versatile general equipment that would be difficult for individual companies to purchase has been installed, and may be used to push ahead with research and development or commercialization.

Usage targeted at: businesses carrying out research and development etc. in the fields of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, including LIC tenant companies


Kanagawa Center for Clinical Research & Strategy (KCCR)

(Operated by: Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (KISTEC), a Local Independent Administrative Agency)

The KCCR takes into consideration its role as a joint clinical testing facility that acts as pathfinder in changing times, and that encourages interchange and mutual support with the rest of the world by working on the possibilities for participation in and implementation of international clinical research. In addition, in order to enable early clinical research and practical implementations of regenerative medical products and pharmaceuticals etc., the KCCR promotes research into efficacy and safety (regulatory science) through the utilization of clinical statistics for processes from basic science (bench) right to the point of medical treatment (bedside), as well as supporting company development and nurturing human resources.


B-Lab tenants

Agilis GTRI Japan Inc.
Gene Therapy Research Institution Co., Ltd.
Osaka Sanitary Co., Ltd.
Shimadzu Science East Corporation
DAI-DAN Co., Ltd.
Knowledge Palette, Inc.
Pharmacological Evaluation Institute of Japan (PEIJ)
– Ricoh Co., Ltd.
BrightPath Biotherapeutics Co., Ltd.
Metcela Inc.

Cooperation with Kanagawa Prefecture (operations taken on commission)
“Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Industrialization Joint Project”

By supporting regenerative medicine and cell therapy projects (research, development and commercialization) conducted by start-ups etc. within the prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture seeks to facilitate early and reliable commercialization within its borders and to create networking effects in related industries. Accordingly, with the aim of promoting regenerative medicine and cell therapy industrialization within the prefecture, it has rolled out operations for the promotion of industrialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

KSP has taken on these operations on commission, as part of which it has launched the Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Industrialization Joint Project. This project unearths promising new “seeds,” mainly from start-up companies and researchers from within Kanagawa Prefecture, in the area of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. KSP, Inc. forms a joint project with the submitters of such proposals, and strives to promote the commercialization and industrialization of this field.

In addition to covering part of the expenses related to promoting the project (expenses leading to promotion of commercialization) it provides efficient and effective support by researching needs, opening sales channels etc.

Details of support

– Support for expenses in relation to the promotion of projects (expenses leading to promotion of commercialization)
– Hands-on support aimed at commercialization (researching needs, opening sales channels, preparing operating bases etc.)

Targeted projects

Projects implemented by companies (including those scheduled to be established) with a base for research and other operations within Japan, that fulfill all of the following criteria
– The project concerns regenerative medicine and cell therapy or related fields
– The project aims to carry out trial manufacture or commercialization of products or merchandise within Kanagawa Prefecture
– The project is worthy of special note for reasons of business feasibility or technological aspects

Flow of support

Flow of support

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Regenerative medicine & Cell therapy industrialization network of Kanagawa (RINK)

The Regenerative medicine & Cell therapy industrialization network of Kanagawa (RINK) was established to actively participate in and cooperate with a variety of related industry bodies, institutions, companies and academic institutions, primarily for the benefit of tenant companies of the Life Innovation Center, located on the King Skyfront.

The RINK’s goal is to promote cooperation and collaboration between companies and academic institutions etc. that are involved in the research and development or the commercialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, with the aim of accelerating the industrialization of the field.

Going forward, to achieve our ultimate goal to build a chain of processes (value chain) consisting of cell processing, cultivation, evaluation, storage and transport, we will work to expand the organization and to broaden and further energize its activities.